Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crunch Time

Hey There. So I'm almost done writing my first review script, and have learned a bit of the editing software. now I have to buckle done on issue 5 of Mushroom Murders. We want to have issue 5 done in early November so the trade can be out in time for the holidays.
As I stand now 11 pages down 18 to go on the inks. So that will be consuming my time for the foreseeable future. Further updates as they warrant!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ok, State of thing...

OK, creatively here's where I stand on my projects. I continue to truck forward on my inking for Bullet time issues 4 and 5 and Mushroom murders issue 5. At some point I plan to make some new strips for But that may still be a ways off. The writing for my first review is about half done, and most of the writing for my first "open letter" video is done. I am still working on learning premiere elements 10 So if any knows any good yet free online tutorials that would be awesome. As yet I haven't been able to break 10 twitter followers (@jaconey1) but that's ok. So that's where I stand.